Top 5 Best Left-Handed Compound Bows – (2024 Reviews)

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Finding the best left-handed compound bow is not the easiest task. Having a left-handed brother, I know how difficult finding things can be for lefties. Not to mention, the planning that went into orienting our positions during our childhood to avoid interference. In this guide, we put together an excellent collection of left-handed compound bows to fit every budget. Also, there are selections for all, so youth, men, women, and bowhunters will all find value here.

If you’re a leftie and ever tried to shoot a right-handed bow, you know it’s possible. BUT, it’s not advisable to shoot a right-handed bow as a leftie long-term, or you’ll train yourself to compensate. Then, once you hop on a left-handed bow, you’ll have to untrain yourself like when Yoda taught Luke. So, let’s skip that nonsense by helping you start with one of the bows in our guide below.

Before we start with the reviews, let’s check out a couple of considerations for lefties:

  • For left-handed people, you’ll find that buying online is easier than tracking down a left-handed bow in popular sporting goods stores. The good news is online prices are typically better anyway.
  • There’s no reason to settle on a bow that’s not your first or second choice because it’s out of stock. We’ll provide you with some reliable online outlets to find a good left-handed compound bow for hunting, 3-D Archery, and/or target shooting.
  • Stick with trustworthy brands that manufacture quality bows you can grow into. This point is especially useful when choosing the best left-handed youth compound bow.
  • For hunters, choosing a powerful bow with a high top speed and max draw weight is advisable to get the most devastating shots.

Now, let’s start with our top picks.

Best Left-Handed Compound Bow Reviews

Each of our reviews provides you with all the information you need to match the right bow(s) to your needs. Also, we share some helpful pros & cons to weigh for each model to make your decision a simple one.

#1) Diamond Archery Infinite Edge Pro

One of the most versatile bows in this guide is Diamond’s Infinite Edge Pro. This bow is a great choice for beginners and veterans alike. It packs more than enough power for hunting with a 5-70lb draw weight range and 310 fps max arrow speed. Additionally, the draw length range of 13″ to 31″ is one of the widest you’ll find. So, if you’re a tall guy or gal that extra inch will suit you well.

Next, the Infinite Edge Pro packs in some premium features, including a solid back wall for improved accuracy & shooting form, a smooth cam system, and the addition of a stabilizer for better balance. For beginners, it’s wise to start with a solid back wall rather than adjusting from a soft back wall later. This way, you learn proper form from the start rather than going through the tedious process of unlearning.

A couple of final highlights are the 80% let-off for longer holds at full draw and the overall lightweight of the bow at 3.2 lbs. Lastly, a couple of drawbacks of this model are no Diamond Synchronized Binary Cam System and EZ Adjust Pocket. However, this model is lighter than the Edge SB-1 that has those features, and it comes backed by the same lifetime warranty.


  • Solid backwall to promote shot consistency
  • Wide draw weight range for all skill levels
  • Powerful 310 fps max velocity
  • Lightweight – 3.2 lbs
  • Diamond Archery lifetime warranty
  • 31″ max draw for tall people
  • Versatile and ready to use for youth, men, women
  • Smooth, quiet operation for hunting


  • No binary cam system or EZ Adjust Pocket
  • The included quiver might feel tight until broken in
  • Intermediate to advanced users will probably want to replace some of the accessories

#2) PSE Archery Mini Burner

Meet our best left-handed youth compound bow choice, PSE’s Mini Burner. Of the models in this guide, the Mini Burner is the best choice for small youth rather than teens who will grow into an adult bow. Currently, the Mini Burner is available in 29 and 40lb max draw weights with a minimum draw weight of 4lbs. For this reason, youngsters will have no problem drawing this bow.

Next, the Mini Burner measures 26″ axle to axle with a draw length range of 16″ to 26.5″. After that, the Mini Burner gives youth more than enough let-off for comfort at 65%, and the total weight of the bow is just 2.5 lbs, making it easy to handle. Additionally, it’s available in multiple colors to suit your son or daughter’s taste.

Regarding accessories, it includes all the necessities that youth need to begin practicing out of the box, including a left-handed bow sight, quiver, stabilizer, arrow rest, and three carbon arrows. Lastly, the Mini Burner is made in the USA and comes backed by PSE’s lifetime warranty. Also, if you’re handy with bows, it’s rather easy to tune. If not, it’s advisable to get it professionally tuned before getting started.


  • Perfect for youth and commonly used by women as well
  • 29 and 40lb max draw weight options
  • Includes all the essential accessories
  • Sports a comfy rubber panel grip
  • PSE lifetime warranty
  • Very light at 2.5 lbs
  • Easy to tune and adjust


  • No peep sight included
  • You might want to upgrade to a good whisket biscuit
  • Not the best choice for teens who’ll grow out of it

#3) Bear Archery Cruzer G2

Bear Archery is another great brand that offers good value for the money. The Cruzer G2 previously topped our list of best beginner compound bows, and we felt that it’s also one of the better left-handed compound bow packages. Having said that, this bow is certainly not for beginners only. It gives you enough power to hunt as an adult, and it’s also great for growing teens. Additionally, this bow is probably the easiest to find a left-handed model in the color you want.

What makes this bow special? First, it’s built for versatility. This means, it’s a great compound hunting bow, 3-D Archery bow, and is suited for some old-fashioned target practice. In other words, this is an all-around bow that anyone can enjoy. Some core specs to consider are the 5 to 70lb draw weight range, 12″ to 30″ draw length, max speed of 315 fps, and it weighs just 3lbs.

Next, you’ll enjoy the 70% let-off and included accessories. Compared to the junky accessories that come with a lot of bows, the Cruzer G2 does include a decent Trophy Ridge accessory package, including six accessories. We like that this bow comes with a good whisker biscuit, peep sight, nock loop, and a 4-pin Trophy Ridge Joker sight. All in all, this is one of the best bang-for-your-buck packages for lefties, and it comes backed by a lifetime warranty to match competing brands.


  • Includes some decent Trophy Ridge accessories
  • Maximum versatility for all skill levels
  • Bear Archery lifetime warranty
  • Easier to find left-handed models in more colors
  • Lightweight at 3 lbs
  • Suitable for hunting with a 315 fps max arrow speed and 70lb max draw weight


  • Requires professional tuning in most cases
  • The quality isn’t quite on par with Diamond or PSE

#4) PSE Archery Stinger Max Pro

If you’re an adult or hunter who wanted to see a larger PSE model than the Mini Burner, the Stinger Max Pro is our top pick for the best left-handed compound bow for hunting. If you’re unfamiliar with the Stinger Max, it’s one of PSE’s most popular bows and especially popular among bowhunters. The latest edition sports shorter limbs and larger cams which give you more of an edge when hunting from a blind or stand.

Currently, the Stinger Max is available in 55 and 70lb draw weights in left-handed models. While this is good news for seasoned hunters, beginners will most likely find those draw weights intimidating. Beyond draw height, this bow offers a very high 80% let-off, allowing for the longest holds at full draw during your hunts.

Several final highlights are the smooth, quiet draw to avoid detection, an advanced grip to help eliminate vibration, and a competitive max arrow speed of 312 fps. One final consideration is that at 3.8lbs, the Stinger Max is the heaviest bow currently featured in our guide. Also, it comes backed by PSE’s lifetime warranty.


  • The ideal choice for left-handed hunters
  • Available in 55lb and 70lb draw weights
  • Compact for hunting from a blind or stand
  • Advance SS Cam System with an extra-high 80% let-off
  • 312 fps max arrow speed for hunting all quarry
  • One of the better grips you’ll find on a bow
  • Made in the USA


  • Not a good choice for most beginners
  • Tall hunters might be disappointed that it’s not 31″ max draw length

#5) Genesis Archery Original Bow

Our final pick is a great beginner left-handed compound bow that also happens to be one of the easiest to find. If you’re brand-new to archery or looking for a youth bow that’s possible to grow into, this is one. Also, at the time of this writing, the Genesis Original Bow is the most affordable bow in our guide, making it a good choice for folks on a tighter budget.

One cool thing about this bow is that it’s the official bow of the National Archery in the Schools Program (NASP), so you know it’s very beginner-friendly. However, it’s important to keep in mind that of the bows in our guide, this one is the last choice for hunting. Since most states have a minimum draw weight for ethical deer hunting, this bow is not suitable because there is no specific draw weight.

Beyond hunting, this is a great bow for target shooting and newcomers to the sport. Several highlights are the made-in-the-USA components including an aluminum riser, aluminum cam, limbs, and high-strength bowstrings. Additionally, the single-cam design means no possibility of tuning issues. All things considered, this is a great affordable left-handed bow for beginner archers.


  • The most beginner-friendly option
  • No set draw length or weight allows youth to grow into it
  • No need to tune the single-cam system
  • The most affordable option in this guide
  • Made in the USA
  • Durable construction to stand the test of time


  • Not intended for hunting in all states
  • No let-off
  • You’ll probably want to add a whisker biscuit

Bottom Line

Before deciding on the best left-handed compound bow, always consider your planned uses first. For example, left-handed hunters will want to stick with bows with higher max draw weights, better accessories, and higher let-off. Also, always consider your state’s bowhunting laws to ensure the bow you choose is legal for use in your state.

As for first-time owners and target shooting, all of the bows in this guide are good options. The most affordable option to get your foot in the door is the Genesis Original bow, while the Cruzer G2 and Infinite Edge Pro are two of the most versatile left-handed compound bows on the market. Finally, for youth, PSE’s Mini Burner is a great starter bow that youth can hunt and shoot targets with.

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