Top 5 Best Compound Bow Cases – (2024 Reviews & Guide)

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Considering a good compound bow costs a pretty penny, it’s critical to pair it with the best compound bow case. Even if you own a beginner compound bow, it’s wise to choose a good case for long-term use. Similar to bows, good cases aren’t something that you quickly grow out of. In this guide, we put together a collection of fine cases to store your bow, ranging from hard to soft to our top double bow case pick.

Additionally, you’ll find storage options here that are good for air travel and help to save you some bucks by keeping the weight down. If there’s one thing we all know, it’s that airlines love to gouge us when it comes to baggage fees. They love those bargain airfares and high fees for everything else, don’t they? But, that’s an idea for another article. Let’s focus on the good stuff here.

How to Choose a Compound Bow Case

There are a few key specs to consider that we outlined for you below:

  • Soft vs Hard – Hard cases are inherently more durable, built to last longer, and they do the best job of protecting your bow. If you have the scratch for it, then stick with a hard model to protect your beloved bow and organize your equipment. While soft cases are good for some uses and typically lighter, you want to consider how much you value your bow and organization before choosing between the two.
  • Weight – This goes back to how you plan to use your case. If you want to fly with your bow for hunting trips or archery competitions, always factor in the weight of the case. At the end of the day, you might find that you save money by investing in a good lightweight hard case that saves you money at the airport.
  • Dimensions – This one is probably the most obvious, yet it’s one that has to be mentioned. Always measure twice and buy once. In other words, check the dimensions – including the interior – to make sure your bow(s) and accessories will fit. Your bow should fit snugly in a hard case, but not so snugly that you have to force it in or force the thing closed. Plus, you want to make sure it’s not too close to the edges to ensure the perimeter of your bow stays protected. The saying “fits like a glove” is appropriate here.

Now, with those points in mind, let’s move on to the reviews.

Best Compound Bow Case Reviews

We share the most important points to consider for each of our top picks in the following reviews along with key pros & cons to help you land on the right model.

#1) Pelican 1745 Bow Air Case

Pelican, well-known for manufacturing cases for firearms & musical instruments, created a true gem of a bow case with its 1745 model. Model 017450-0121-110 is specifically made for compound bow storage, and it’s currently the best compound bow case for air travel on the market. First, it’s one of the lightest hard models in this size category, which goes back to the point we mentioned about reducing baggage fees.

Second, everything about the 1745 is well thought out and of premium quality. Regarding the key specs, the interior dimensions are 44.01″ x 16.77″ x 7.94″ (LxWxD), and it weighs 23.15 lbs with the interior organization elements already installed. Comparatively, it truly does weigh less than competing hard models in this size range – up to 40% according to Pelican.

As for internal organization, the 1745 shines in this category as well. Inside you’ll find a high-quality internal divider, foam in all the right places, 2 arrow holders, bungee cords, tube straps, and a Molle Strap System for interior customizations. Lastly, the stainless-steel bearing wheels and TSA-approved locking latches make it perfect for air travel. Overall, this is a top heavy-duty bow case that’s worthy of any serious bowhunter or archer’s attention.


  • Optimized by Pelican for air travel
  • TSA-approved locking latches
  • Smooth-rolling wheels for easy transport
  • Plenty of space, foam, and interior organization for storing your compound bow & accessories
  • Lighter than the competition at 23.15 lbs, yet heavy-duty
  • MOLLE components for customizable modular storage
  • Pelican’s signature crushproof, dustproof, and watertight protection


  • Not the best choice for inexpensive equipment or novices
  • There are more affordable alternative options if you don’t intend to fly with your bow

#2) SKB iSeries Parallel Limb Bow Case

SKB Cases MIL-STD Injection-Molded Parallel Limb Geometry Bow Case 3i-4214-PL

Coming in right after Pelican is SKB with its line of injection-molded parallel limb bow cases. First, be careful because the iSeries is available in several sizes, with the 4214 being the best for general use. If you own a compact Hoyt, Matthews, or Diamond compact bow, it’s worth checking out model 3614 because it’s a bit more lightweight and compact. However, all models in the series feature the same design.

Similar to Pelican, this model is heavy-duty and built to take a beating without affecting the contents. Plus, it carries an IP67 waterproof & dustproof rating to compete with Pelican. Next, what we really like about this model are the concealed hinges with stainless steel pins and a rugged – yet easy to use – latching system. You’ll even find that the iSeries is perfect for air travel with premium design touches such as an automatic ambient pressure equalization valve.

Inside, there aren’t as many storage options as the Pelican Air 1745. Instead, SKB focused on securing your bow with a cut-out for arrow storage. Finally, SKB bow cases are made in the USA, backed by an unconditional lifetime warranty, and there’s a very appealing $1500 Content Coverage Guarantee.


  • Available in multiple sizes to get a nice snug fit
  • IP67 waterproof and dustproof rating
  • Built like a tank
  • Perfect for air travel
  • Transport wheels
  • Adjustable velcro straps to secure your bow
  • Lifetime warranty and content guarantee


  • Long arrows might not fit easily
  • The need to remove your stabilizer in some instances

#3) Plano 108115 All Weather Bow Case

Plano Molding AW Bow Case, Black - 48x20.75x7.5in - 108110

Plano officially stepped up its game compared to old-school models with its new-school All Weather case. Compared to our top two picks, this model is still in the running for best compound bow hard case for a significantly lower cost at the time of this writing. While you can’t expect to get the same level as Pelican, you can expect to get great value for the money.

The first two models are our top picks for air travel, and this model comes in third. Comparatively, you might find that this model is better for use mostly on land with the occasional need for air travel. The reason we say this is that the latching system isn’t quite on par with Pelican or SKB, but this case is safe for air travel. Plano fitted the 108115 with its patented PillarLock system that prevents the case from being crushed in transit.

Once you peek inside, you’ll see how the “pillars” have male and female ends that lock together in the closed position. Additionally, there’s a continuous Dri-Loc seal around the perimeter of the case to protect your gear. Finally, one advantage of this case over the SKB model above is the ability to customize the interior organization to your liking. Plus, you’ll find that there’s more room to fit your accessories and stabilizer.


  • More affordable than Pelican and SKB
  • Excellent internal organization
  • The special pillar-locking system prevents crushing
  • Safe for air travel
  • Internal mounting brackets for custom storage solutions
  • Ample foam padding to protect your bow
  • Fairly lightweight at 21 lbs


  • Water-resistant rather than waterproof
  • The latch system is good, but not as heavy-duty as our top 2 picks

#4) SKB iSeries 4719 Ultimate Single/Double Bow Case

Now, if you felt as though the space provided by the parallel limb case was too tight, then the Ultimate model 4719 is for you. The coolest part about this model is that it quickly converts from a single compound bow case with plenty of storage to a double bow case. Presently, this is the best double compound bow case on the market because of that feature along with the premium features SKB is known for.

First, the Ultimate model is built with durability in mind just like every other model in the iSeries collection. This means you get the same IP67 waterproof protection, hinge system, and trigger-release latch system. Once you voyage inside, you’ll be impressed by the bunk-bed-style foam divider that sits atop a tactical accessory tray. To turn the 4719 into a double bow case, simply remove the accessory tray and keep the foam divider intact.

A couple of final highlights are that considering its size, it still manages to weigh 31.7 lbs, and it comes backed by that same lifetime warranty with Content Coverage. All in all, if you and your significant other need an all-in-one storage solution or you own multiple bows, this is the first double bow case to check out.


  • Quickly converts from a single bow to a double bow case
  • Same rugged construction as the parallel limb case
  • The interior accessory tray gives you all the space you need
  • Wheels roll smoothly in case you intend to fly with it
  • Prevents internal shifting
  • Lifetime warranty


  • It’s big, be sure you’ll use all the space
  • Not made for weak arms at 31.7 lbs

#5) Legend Apollo Compound Bow Case

Last up is the best compound bow soft case in our guide and one of the only you should consider owning. While we aren’t huge fans of soft cases, this one does get the job done for first-time owners who are newcomers to archery. A couple of reasons we like the Apollo model the most in the Legend range are that it’s available in multiple sizes, and it weighs just 4 lbs. Also, we like that Apollo oriented the pockets on the outside to avoid having to dig around in internal pockets.

Outside of air travel, the Apollo gets the job done on land. It features enough padding to protect your bow & accessories when placed in a car or truck during transit. As for the materials, the shell is made of ripstop water-resistant nylon for decent protection against the elements. Next, Apollo added some nice comfort touches including a soft neoprene carry handle and padded should strap.

On the outside of the bag, there are more than enough pockets to organize your gear and belongings – 9 in total. You have mesh, zip, and velcro pockets to choose from. Regarding interior space, there are 40″ and 44″ internal length versions available. Both sizes have a 15″ internal height. All things considered, the Apollo is a good lightweight top-loading bow case with multiple sizes available to fit all compound bow brands.


  • Very lightweight at just 4 lbs
  • Tear-resistant & water-resistant nylon fabric
  • Closed-cell foam padding throughout
  • Padded handle and shoulder strap
  • The most exterior pockets on a Legend soft case
  • The latest model features internal fastening straps to secure your compound bow
  • 1-year manufacturer’s warranty and 30-day money-back guarantee


  • Not as protective as the hard models in this guide
  • Not intended for air travel
  • Won’t last as long as a Pelican or SKB

Bottom Line

For ultimate compound bow protection, choose the best compound bow case by Pelican or SKB featured in this guide. When you go that route, you know you’re getting 100% protection of your investment. SKB even goes a step further by offering a Content Coverage Guarantee. How cool is that?

Although, having said that, there’s no reason to buy more case than you need. If you only use your bow occasionally and don’t plan on upgrading it, then a soft case might be all you need. For this reason, we chose Legend’s Apollo because it’s a good soft bow case for the money.

Lastly, as a reminder, always check the interior dimensions to ensure you have enough room to work with. Also, it’s important to brainstorm how you want to configure your storage to optimize the interior.

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