Top 5 Best Compound Bow Quivers – (2024 Reviews & Guide)

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When matching your bow to the best compound bow quiver, it’s important to maximize efficiency. As bowhunters, we know how critical it is to choose the right quiver for the job. You need a stealth operation to avoid detection and fluid movements when accessing a fresh arrow. Additionally, all archers and bowhunters should aim to balance weight with efficiency.

The last thing you want to do is load up your bow with accessories that throw you off balance. In this guide, we help you avoid that problem altogether. Our goal is to help you choose the best quiver for bowhunting and target shooting in as little time as possible.

How to Choose a Compound Bow Quiver

Let’s start by quickly going over a few points to consider when browsing our top picks:

  • Capacity – The most common capacity for bowhunting is 5-arrow. Though, depending on your preferences, there are plenty of options in the 4 to 7 arrow range. Personally, we prefer 4 or 5 arrow quivers for hunting.
  • Weight – As we hinted at already, it’s best to choose the lightest compound bow quiver that matches your needs. We took note of weight when selecting/ordering our top picks.
  • Durability – Like all good bow accessories, a good quiver should hold up for many years of heavy use. By choosing a dependable model in this guide, you avoid quiver failure during a hunt or archery competition.
  • One-Handed & Stealthy Operation – These two factors are essential when choosing a compound bow quiver for hunting. It’s imperative to have quick, silent access to your arrows for a successful hunt.
  • Security – Aim for models that feature the most secure fit without sacrificing quick access.
  • Adjustability – Once connected to your bow, you should be able to make adjustments to find the perfect balance that feels comfortable to you. After all, if you don’t feel comfortable with your quiver, you’re not going to maintain your accuracy.
  • Detachable vs Bow-Mounted – Most hunters, including us, prefer detachable quivers over bow-mounted ones. The difference is all in the name. Detachable quivers feature quick-release systems for removal without tools, while bow-mounted models do not.

Now, it’s time to unveil our favorite models.

Best Compound Bow Quiver Reviews

Each of our reviews gives you all the information you need to land on the right quiver for your bow. Also, be sure to consider the pros & cons of each model to get a clear idea of what to expect.

#1) TightSpot Bow Quiver

Tight Spot Quiver 5-arrow Mossy Oak Break-up Country Rh

Meet the ultimate best compound bow quiver on the market with more innovations than a Tesla. Make no mistake, TightSpot takes pride in its design process for good reason. First, choosing a model can get a bit confusing since it’s available in a variety of sizes. Currently, there are 3, 5, and 7-arrow quivers and the Rise model. The main differences between the Rise and standard models are the included loop on the Rise for hanging on a tree, and it’s 4″ shorter than the standard models.

Next, the TightSpot is available for both left-handed compound bow owners and of course, the more common right-handed. Now, let’s quickly go over what makes this model so special. First, it’s incredibly durable. In fact, the polymer hood is so tough that a truck can run over it without leaving a mark. In other words, it protects your broadheads. Second, it’s fully adjustable with a 3rd axis adjustment. The creators designed the TightSpot to help you gain balance rather than lose it due to too much torque.

Third, the TightSpot is super lightweight, which allows you to hunt or shoot targets with the quiver on. Currently, the 5-arrow model weighs just 9.9 oz, the compact 3-arrow weighs just 6.86 oz, and amazingly enough, the 7-arrow model weighs just 10 oz. For treestand hunters, the 3-arrow model is ideal. All in all, this is a top-notch compound bow quiver with too many highlights to list here.


  • Tough-as-nails polymer construction
  • Multiple sizes available for archers and hunters
  • Quickly detach it or leave it on
  • Maximum adjustability with 3rd axis adjustment
  • Vibration-free, quiet operation for hunting
  • Extra-deep hood to keep sharp blades covered
  • Lightweight in all sizes
  • Available in left-handed
  • Easiest arrow removal
  • TightSpot’s IronClad Guarantee replaces any broken quiver to the original owner at no cost


  • Moveable sights such as an HHA may require the optional bracket
  • The highest cost in our guide

#2) Elite Archery 4-Arrow Quiver

Elite Archery Quiver - 1PC, 4 arrow, Black, QR-00001

Another premium detachable quiver is the Elite quiver. If you prefer a 4-arrow quiver over 3 and 5-arrow sizes, then the 4-arrow quiver by Elite is your sweet spot. Unlike TightSpot, Elite’s model is a 1-piece quiver that features a nifty cam locking lever mechanism. With the lever, you’re able to quickly attach/remove the quiver with one hand.

Comparatively, this quiver does weigh more than TightSpot’s with the 4-arrow model weighing in at 1 lb. For this reason, you might find that it’s not as good as TightSpot’s as a shoot-on quiver. However, Elite’s quiver is built to last with premium materials, including 6061-T6 machined aluminum. Also, you might have noticed that Elite’s quiver also sports a deep hood to completely cover sharp blades.

It’s built to be compatible with both fixed and mechanical broadheads. Additionally, if you want more capacity, there’s a 6-arrow version of the same quiver available. Lastly, Elite’s warranty conditions aren’t as clear as TightSpot’s. Elite offers a limited lifetime warranty on its bows, yet it doesn’t specify whether that same warranty applies to its quivers.


  • Unique cam locking mechanism for easy on/off
  • 4-arrow and 6-arrow models available
  • Built tough with high-quality aluminum
  • Horizontal adjustment to position the quiver closer to your bow
  • Quiet operation
  • Compatible with all arrow diameters
  • Deep hood


  • Murkier warranty terms than TightSpot
  • Heavier than TightSpot – 4-arrow model weighs 1 lb

#3) Kwikee Kwiver

Kwikee Kwiver Kwik-3 SS 3 Arrow Quiver, LOST XD, K3SLXD

Now for our top budget pick by Kwikee Kwiver. Compared to our top two picks, the Kwikee Kwiver costs considerably less. While not quite as tactical as a TightSpot, it is quite practical. First, the advantage of choosing a KwiKee Kwiver is how light it is. For example, the compact 3-arrow quiver weighs just 5.6 oz. Clearly, that’s a lot lighter than Elite’s 4-arrow quiver and even lighter than TightSpot’s 3-arrow model.

Outside of its low weight, it’s detachable and comes with a mounting bracket that allows you to hunt with it on or off. Next, the 3-arrow Kwiver is mighty compact at just 11.88″ x 3″ x 2.63″ (LxWxD). Looking beyond its size, the Kwikee Kwiver is built to last with shatter-proof polymer construction rather than cheap materials. So, when you weigh price vs quality, this model is one of the better buys in our guide.

One final consideration that could be a drawback is you may find it harder to remove your arrows than you’d like. This is more of an issue with fixed broadheads than mechanical. Finally, it’s hard to beat the fact that Kwikee backs its quiver with a lifetime guarantee in this price range.


  • One of the most compact and lightest compound bow quivers for hunting
  • 3, 4, and 6-arrow sizes available
  • Rubber-lined hood to protect your blades
  • Durable polymer construction
  • Lifetime guarantee
  • Ultra-Lock feature to reduce vibration for quieter performance
  • Our top budget quiver pick
  • Made in the USA


  • It might feel harder to remove your arrows than you’d prefer
  • 3 fixed broadheads can be a tight fight

#4) Trophy Ridge 5 Spot Quiver

Trophy Ridge 5-spot Quiver 5-arrow, Black, AQ600B

The maker of one of our top-rated compound bow sights, Trophy Ridge, also manufactures a fine quiver. First, we want to note that compared to the Hex Light model, we prefer the standard model. Despite the Hex Light’s name, it’s actually heavier than the standard model. And while the design is cool, it feels too heavy for most bowhunters to hunt with it on.

One of the key differences between this model and the preceding ones is the adjustable dual arrow gripper. You might prefer this feature to avoid deploying your broadheads. If you’re currently dealing with a quiver with a foam insert that deploys your broadheads, this quiver will eliminate that problem.

Next, the quick-detach mounting bracket offers versatility, and you’ll more than likely find that it’s easy to install & operate once attached. Also, this quiver features a hanger loop for convenient treestand hanging, unlike our first three picks. However, if you want a TightSpot quiver with a loop, the Rise model does feature one. Finally, Trophy Ridge backs its quivers with a competitive lifetime warranty, and the company is one of the more trustworthy archery outfits.


  • A bit lighter than TightSpot’s 5-arrow quiver at 9.1 oz
  • A hood built to prevent deploying your broadheads
  • You might prefer the dual arrow grippers
  • Hanging loop
  • Trophy Ridge lifetime warranty
  • Easy-to-use, quick-detach mounting bracket
  • Made for quiet, stealthy hunting
  • Affordable


  • Your arrows might feel tight in the grippers
  • The hood might interfere with fixed blades

#5) TRUGLO Tuff-Loc Quiver

Finally, if you’re on a shoestring budget and/or don’t mind throwing all the bells & whistles out the window, here’s the quiver for you. Truglo’s no-frills, Chinese-made Tuff-Loc quiver holds four arrows and attaches to all types of bows, including compound and most crossbows. Additionally, it’s compatible with both right and left-handed bows for your convenience.

The main highlight here is how light and compact it is, yet it’s not quite on a Kwikee Kwiver level. The latest version weighs under 7 oz and features a cam lock mounting system. Next, it’s important to note that this quiver does not feature a quick-release system like a premium quiver. Instead, once you install the mounting bracket, it slides onto the bracket and gets locked into place using a lever.

A couple of final considerations are the rubber-lined hood to avoid dulling your blades, it holds 4 arrows, and it is quiet enough to use for hunting. On the other hand, the plastic material is not as durable as the preceding bows in our guide, so you may find that it’s not durable enough for hunting on rugged terrain.


  • The most affordable model in our guide
  • Detachable
  • Rubber-lined hood, no foam
  • Lightweight
  • Quiet enough to use on a deer hunt


  • Made in China
  • Cheaper materials

Bottom Line

If this isn’t your first rodeo, it’s advisable to skip over the final pick in our guide. Truglo’s budget quiver is definitely reserved for newcomers to the sport and folks on ultra-tight budgets. Outside of that caveat, the remaining quivers in our guide are all great choices for any hunter or archer. Generally, you get what you pay for, and if you decide to invest in a TightSpot quiver, chances are, you won’t be looking back.

As for good budget quivers, we really like what Kwikee Kwiver and Trophy Ridge have to offer. This is as low as we’d personally go when shopping for a quiver, and we really like that Kwikee quivers are made in the US. Additionally, the top brands all back their quivers with a lifetime warranty which is always nice to see before you go all-in on one.

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